Board of directors

Kim Holm
Board member since 2018

Mr. Holm is a professional and experienced investor and board member with a background as a independent realtor with extensive experience in real state management. Mr. Holm is the owner of 9 Danbolig stores which is a major Danish realtor franchise and owner of major property development company.

May-Britt Kattrup

Mrs. Kattrup is a former member of the Danish Parliament and a member of the Danish Health Committee and one of the people behind and promotor for the Danish cannabis legislation.

Mrs. Kattrup holds a Marketing Management Diploma, Copenhagen Business School and as prior to member of the Danish parliament been product manager with Coca Cola and an independent businesswoman in agriculture, horses and investment.

Ulf Munkedal
Board member since 2020

Mr. Munkedal is an experienced entrepreneur and business angel. Being an approved business angel ny the Danish Vækstfondet and working full time as a Business angel.

Mr. Munkedal has been one of the most successful and respected people in Denmark with internet security. Founder of Fortconsult which was sold to NCC Group after 16 years.

Mr. Munkedal holds a BSc in Computer Software Engineering and is a part of several boards on Danish companies.

Jens Stadum
Board member since 2019

A respected a lawyer with 40 years of experience as a lawyer and high-court judge. Has strong knowledge of being a board member in growth companies.

Jens Stadum is a representive of CFC Denmark Holding ApS which owns 17% of the company.


Farzad Jahanshahi
Chief Executive Officer since 2018

Mr. Jahanshahi has more than 20 years of experience with marketing, sales and business development in major Pharmaceutical companies. Leadership experience from management positions in major pharmaceutical companies such as Novo Nordisk, Roche, Abacus Medicine etc.

Mr. Jahanshahi holds an MBA from SIMI and has a Master degree  in Pharmacy from Danish University of Pharmaceutical Sciences .

M.Sc. Pharm Marianne Schwarz
Director of QA/QC/Compliance

Experienced compliance manager QA/QP/QC with 30+ years of experience from major Pharmaceutical companies among here Novartis.

CEO Morten Brandt

Morten is internationally experienced as an Executive in Healthcare. He has 15 years of experience in pharmaceutical GM roles. He has vast international experience within distributor management, pharma- and cannabis industry.