The CEO’s comments

The CEO’s comments

Copenhagen 19/08/2020

Medican was founded in 2017 with a clear vision to create a better quality of life for patients by offering medical cannabis as an alternative and/or a complement to prescription drugs. The inspiration for the Company came from shared experiences from friends and relatives of the founders, disappointed with the lack of alternatives to the conventional medical solutions available at the time.

The legalization of medical cannabis and the opportunities that come with it have become a hot topic for investors, companies, patients, and decision-makers. The dispersive legalization of medical cannabis across Europe has created an immensely exciting and continually growing market. The main driver of the increased demand for medical cannabis is the ongoing legalization wave.

Among the Nordic countries, Denmark has been leading the way for medical cannabis. The legalization of medical cannabis in Denmark in 2017 is a good example of the increasing interest and potential of the new sector, with more European countries following suit.

With Medican’s vision to improve the quality of life for patients by cultivating consistent, natural, high-quality medical cannabis with compassion and integrity, we all work hard to make sure the vision comes through.

Ivan Hribar
Chief Executive Officer, Medican A/S

Dennis Jørgensen