R&D license to associated company

Medican’s associated company in Uruguay received an R&D license to start development of extraction products in Uruguay. Following this development and research the company will apply for a commercial license which will lead the way for consumer ready product in alliance with leading pharma company in Uruguay.


Second sale of cannabis batch in Uruguay

Uruguayan President Lacalle Pou signed two decrees with the aim of spurring development of the medical marijuana and hemp industries and encouraging exports. The new rules simplify the export process of medical cannabis.

Medican Subsidiary in Uruguay has after the decrees finalized second sale of 750 kg of GACP cultivated cbd rich cannabis to be exported to Switzerland.


PharmaCann Polska

PharmaCann Polska recently became the first company to obtain EU-Good Manufacturing Practice certification to produce medical cannabis extracts at its facility in North Macedonia.

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Medican has elected new Board of Directors
  • May-Britt Kattrup, former member of the Danish Parliament, member of the health committee in the parliament and one of the people behind the Danish cannabis legislation joined the board.
  • Ulf Munkedal current professional investor, entrepreneur and approved business angel by Vækstfonden. Munkedal is one of Denmark’s best IT Security Experts and former owner of FortConsult, which is today owned by NCC Group
  • Kim Holm owns KMK Berlin, which is the largest shareholder in Medican.
  • Attorney Jens Stadum continues the board as a representive for CFC Denmark Holding ApS.


Medican receives cannabis bulk license

Upon inspection performed on June 30th and July 1st by the Danish Medicines Agency Medican has received a cannabis bulk license which moves Medican from the Danish development scheme to the Pilot Scheme. Medican will start cultivating PPQ batches and expect to have products ready to sales and distribution in summer 2021.

Medican is the fourth cultivator in Denmark to receive this license.


Medican Subsidiary receives GACP certification

Medican has through associated companies in Uruguay received GACP cultivation certification as the third cannabis cultivator in Uruguay and is now awaiting GMP certification of post harvesting facilities which is expected during the next 3 months.


New report on cannabis in Latin America

MjBiz Daily has updated their report on CANNABIS IN LATIN AMERICA: The Regulations and Opportunities

The report can be downloaded here